Week 3 Thesis Topic 1

Shruti Arora
Oct 20, 2020

Summary of topic chosen
2020 hasn’t been easy. But in the middle of so many changes, good things are also happening.

  • Many companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram etc are flourishing.
  • Many new startups are launching apps like grocery delievery to support people in this tough time.
  • I am interested to understand the thought process behind ‘innovation in the new normal’.

Summary of problem statements for chosen topic

How can the worst hit sectors(travel/tourism, entertainment, real estate ) survive the disrupted pandemic?

What are some strategies/tools they can learn from the companies that are flourishing in Covid?

  • User and/or Customer personas (there may be multiple)
    1) Business owners that have started their ventures during the covid times or
    2) Company Employees — Working for companies that are flourishing in Covid.
  • What you learned from your first 2 interviews?

First Interview:-
- Were we already prepared for going virtual even without a pandemic. She was indicating that she’s already see us depending on digital world for everything (Shopping, Education, Entertainment, AR/VR).

Second Interview:-
- How fashion Industry is trying to do online events to stay connected to their users.
_ As per her experience, companies are trying to sell through Instagram where they observe a high bounce rate.

What’s your plan for finding users to talk to?

-Facebook Groups
- Slack Groups
- Friends/Colleagues recommendations