Time Zone Customer Journey

Shruti Arora
2 min readJan 26, 2021


Time Zone Friendly

The journey is divided into three parts:-

  1. Ideal Project Manager journey
  • Check out the overlap in productive hours of each team member.
  • Creates a Poll — Sharing some time suggestions to all team members.
  • Set a poll with a deadline to alert the team members via e-mail.

2. Ideal Team members Journey

  • All the team members can see the meeting options in their own time zones.
  • They all choose one common convenient time.
  • Shares with the PM.

3. Ideal Project Manager journey

  • PM receives an email about the selected meeting time by all the team members.
  • PM schedules a Zoom meeting.

Red area — Problem zone

Red Area — Possible Problems —Deciding a convenient time
  • 6–7 different time zones- As more and more users from different time zones chooses a time. It gets difficult to find a common time suitable for everyone.

Auto-Pilot Customer Journey

Auto-Pilot Customer Journey Map

Ideal User journey

  1. Initial Set up-
  • User learns about this productive plugin through a LinkedIn group.
  • Downloads the chrome extension.

2. On-boarding process on the website — Q/A

  • The user is prompted with a couple of questions to personalize their calendar as per their habits.

3. Personal To-List

  • User adds some personal items to the To-do list.

4. Integrate the Personal & Professional Calendar

  • Activate Autopilot — It keeps a flexible calendar — by switching a few tasks as per the user needs.

Red Area — Possible Problems — Integrate the Personal & Professional Calendar

  • Autopilot reminder not activated- User might forget to set 15 mins reminder — No alert for auto-pilot items. They might compromise in completing some flexible tasks.



Shruti Arora

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