Thesis Topics

Shruti Arora
2 min readOct 6, 2020


How has the Streaming Industry (Netflix, Prime Video etc) has build up a new way people can watch television at their own convenience and pace?
I have been obsessed with binge watching Netflix for last so many years now. I feel like it’s interesting to learn how Netflix has impacted lives.

  1. Last semester, I did a project on history of Netflix where I got the chance to learn about how Netflix was a pioneer in building up a new way people can watch television at their own convenience and pace.
  2. And the competition in the streaming industry, business model, strategies. I would like to research more the user pain-points and aha moments & the new opportunities that can help the user best utilize their time spent on Netflix.

2. How can we enhance the traveling experience of international flyers?
I have traveled a lot in last few years and love planning/researching the smallest things during the journey. From booking flights, airport lounges, luggage tag. So, I am obsessed about everything — researching the new contact-less technology being adopted in the airports for handing over the boarding passes, aircraft entertainment.

3. Why Feminism is Important in Design?
* I am passionate to learn and inculcate in my design thinking that there are products/services that don’t consider the different needs of women.
* Why are most automobile cars designed around the height of an average male? Women also drive cars!
* Why is the game Industry not able to engage enough female game users?
* Why there are female voices as Voice Assistants (Alexa, Siri)?
* Why is it assumed that women weren’t as interested as men in tech?
* Why is that technology was not wired keeping women’s cognition in mind?

4. How have voice interfaces and chatbots changed the way we shop, book, engage?
I am curious to learn the world of products/services surrounded by voice. How has it changed the way people shop, interact or listen songs.
* Why is there an increasing demand for voice-enabled devices?
* What are the problems users are facing?
* What role Chatbots play in assisting the user?
* How is the industry dealing with the privacy issues?

5. Going digital: how the use of the technology has influenced human behavior
* Excessive dependency on devices
* Missing the simplicity in life