Reflection of Thesis (Discover, Define)

Shruti Arora
2 min readJan 19, 2021


Fall reflection

In the last semester, I started my journey with research a diverse set of topics and converged my way into “Remote Collaboration Tools”.

Mid-Term Presentation- All-in-one app — The idea was to have all the tools in one app — like Chat/Email, Contacts, Group Call & Integration with other apps.

User Interviews and Usability Testing session helped me in narrowing my focus on a innovative product and not rebuilding any existing product.

My final presentation — Mid fidelity prototypes of two tools that can help small business owners with a small team to maintain a healthy work life balance and facilitate scheduling global calls.

Hope — Looking forward to more feedback from the users and iterating and building a solution that is super useful in this tough Covid times.

Fear — With the changing needs of the user. It’s always a challenge to build a unique product that can provide great value.