Shruti Arora
2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Weak point was “How companies decide the time for the meeting?”
  • Align their schedule with the boss?
  • Poll?

To solve this dilemma, I have come up with a interactive solution — Empathetic Chatbot (who listens to everyone’s pain and decide the best time for them)

  1. What is the most essential experience to test?

A human centered meeting scheduler, as per different needs of the small businesses.

2. Your unique value prop? Your biggest question?

Biggest question- “How might we design a scheduler that auto-magically decides meeting timings which is “FAIR” to everyone.”

“FAIR” — Balancing personal & professional life.

  • A Meeting Chatbot — secretary or assistant who takes care of your emotional well-being.
  • Knows everyone’s schedule
  • Most productive hours
  • Make you feel good about attending meetings
  • Emotion & well-being — a humane chatbot esp in Covid
  • Auto-Pilot

2. What’s the job of the Chatbot?

  • Schedule a new meeting.
  • Reschedule or Change an existing meeting
  • Cancel a meeting

2. Does your whole experience hinge on one interaction working really well?

The whole experience relies on the flexibility of both the team members and higher management to utlize the best of their time in meeting with people for different projects.

  • Be specific, small is good!

I am focussing on 3 use cases:-

  • No stress to look at everyone’s calendar anymore.
  • Boss doesn’t have to feel guilty of scheduling meeting late nights or early morning. Assistant does the hard job of checking what’s the availability like for everyone.
  • Handles last meet cancellantion of meetings auto-magically and turns it into a productive trade off.
  1. What tools do you need to demo or mock this up?
  • Figma, Recommendation quiz!
  • A virtual- paper prototype walkthrough?
  1. What can be realistically done in time for 2/9?

Create a timeline for how you’ll get it done.


  • Introducing the concept of Chatbot,
  • Defining it’s humane persona, and
  • Building up empathy in the form of understanding everyone’s schedule and Recommending the best fit for the person.


  • Continue building the persona
  • Creating Mid- fidelity screens


  • High- fidelity screens
  • Combining it with the previous screens to see the holistic picture.



Shruti Arora

MFA Interaction Design @ School of Visual Arts