“All-in-One web app” Remote Collaboration Concept

Shruti Arora
1 min readDec 1, 2020


This week I came up with my first concept of remote collaboration tool and made some mid-fidelity wireframes.

Brief about the Concept-

It’s all-in-one remote collaboration tool. The features are:-

  1. Chat — Team members can chat during the meetings.
  2. Group Call — The project manager can easily schedule Zoom calls using the All-in-One web app through Zoom Integration.
  3. Meeting Agenda — A basic template to define the team structure to help team members and project managers to be on same page
  4. Visual Board — The project manager uses the visual board to make decisions between different teams.
  5. Integration — The app can be integrated with other API’s for better communication.
  6. Contacts — The app has all the contacts in one place. To easily facilitate the group call.



Shruti Arora

MFA Interaction Design @ School of Visual Arts