Problem that I am focusing on:- The fundamental struggle of the non-remote companies due to disruption in the internal workflow- (collaboration, communication) during the pandemic times.

Target Audience:- Remote Business Owners and Non-Remote Employees

Why is it worth solving?

  • Employees of non-remote companies are working in a stressful environment.
  • Companies still figuring out solutions.
  • Home office is not the ideal solution for everyone.
  • Companies are still deciding how to make decisions virtually.

Solution :-

A secure platform that facilitates an internal and external collaboration



Section 1:-

  • Meet John
  • Week in the life of John

Section 2:- Current Work-life balance — The Problem

Section 3:-

  • Solution
  • Innovation of my last semester project to solve John’s problem.

Meet John

  1. A colleague
  2. A husband
  3. A friend
  4. Mike- John’s boss
  5. A product designer



Personality of Chatbot:-

  • A friend that you can confide into,
  • Comforts you so that you can bitch about your boss
  • Empathizer
  • Looks after your personal interest
  • Worries and takes care of work life balance.
  • An assistant that makes you feel good about attending meetings at off hours.
  • Steve is very funny, quirky. Sometimes sounds like she’s bitching about your with you. :)

The goal of “Steve” Chatbot is to act as a middleman between you and your team members.

Primary duties:-

  • Schedules a group or 1:1 call
  • Reschedules it.
  • Cancels it.

John — Boss; His assistant — Peter

Lew — Product Designer, His assistant — Steve

Use Case :- Steve(Boss’s assistant) connects with Peter(Team member’s assistant) and learns that John has cancelled the meeting last minute. His task is to convey that to Lew in a comfortable and productive manner.



Problem Statement:-The non-remote companies are struggling fundamentally with disruption in the internal workflow.

Pain Points:- Can’t use cloud based product, Exhausting Zoom Meetings, Overwhelmed by too many softwares, Expensive Software alternatives

Brainstormed ideas



  1. Problem Statement :-
  • Covid has disrupted the internal workflow of big corporations.
  • Helping employees adjust to the new WFH workflow.

2. Target /User Groups

  • Big IT Firm Employees

3. Conducted Interviews:-

Interviewed 5 IT Employees

4. Pain Points — New Internal Workflow — New Problems

6. Solutions:-

  • New Rules — Culture of Permission
  • Flexible working hours